NESFB never asks for your user id/password/pin no. through phone call/SMS/emails or One Time Password through SMS. NEVER share these details to anyone. NESFB wants you to be secure. If you come across any such instances, please inform us through email to following address :

NESFB makes every effort to provide optimal security of customer’s data and of all transactions, protecting the information of our clients is very important. There is always a  risks involve in online transaction , so customer  may take some action to protect themselves  from such threats. Here we provide some information to help you.

A phishing attack is an online fraud method which involves sending official looking email messages with return addresses, links and imprinting that all appear to come from banks or other reliable sources. Such emails typically contain a link to a fake website and deceive account holders to enter customer names and PIN/Password on the pretense that these details must be updated or changed. Once the customer submits the details, it can be used on legitimate bank sites to take customer’s money.
Nowadays, phishers also use phone (voice phishing) and SMS  (SMiShing - A form of phishing,  when someone tries to trick you into giving them your private information via a text or SMS message .  SMiShing is a security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading a Trojan horse, virus or other malware onto his cellular phone or other mobile device. SMiShing is short for "SMS phishing.").
It is important that you are suspicious of emails asking for your information like account number, card number, user id, password, PIN etc.

Fake NESFB websites and Apps
NESFB monitors the internet to find imitation websites and apps, which are often the first step made by phishers. We then work with the authorities to take down such websites and apps as quickly as possible. Since internet is like a sea and we may miss some of these sites; hence you can report phishing attacks by sending us an email at

NESFB standard practices
These are the standard practices we follow and any deviation may be a malicious email:

If customers have any suspicion about any email they have supposedly received from NESFB, they should contact us immediately.


In order to avoid financial frauds,customers are requested not to depend on the contact numbers obtained through internet search for any banking activities with North East Small Finance Bank. The contact numbers published on Bank's official website should only be used for contacting the bank in case of need. Also to ensure that confidential information like user id, password, PIN, OTP, debit card details etc. are not provided/disclosed to anybody .

Safe Online Banking - do's & don'ts

  1. Come from unrecognized senders.
  2. Ask you to confirm personal or financial information over the Internet and/or make urgent requests for this information.
  3. Are not personalized.
  4. Try to upset you into acting quickly by threatening you with frightening information.
  1. When conducting online transactions, look for a sign that the site is secure such as a lock icon on the browser's status bar or a "https:" URL whereby the "s" stands for "secure" rather than a "http:".
  2. Also, check if the website address is correct before conducting online transactions.
  1. Clear the browsing history
  2. Clear cache and temporary files stored in the memory as they may contain your account numbers and other sensitive information