Product Variants



Daily Deposit

The Daily Deposit Scheme has been developed with the objective of inculcating savings habits amongst customers. The scheme is mainly for daily wage earners and small-scale business owners which generates daily income.
Petty traders can avail loan with minimum documentation during surge seasons without breaking their savings. It bridges the gap between small savings and banking.
The scheme would be a variant of the Recurring Deposit product with a daily frequency. Customers can deposit amounts upwards of INR 50 and multiples thereof on a daily basis and for tenure as applicable to FD. The deposits would earn interest at the standard RD rate.
The product would be serviced by Liability/ Credit Officers at common forums like mandis, market places and weekly bazaars as well as through doorstep banking.
The product also enables the customer to avail of loan against deposit/ OD of upto 80% of accrued amount to take care of short term liquidity needs.
Some of the features of this account are: